Demarini FNX Rising 2021 Fastpitch Softball Bat -10

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Demarini FNX Rising 2021 Fastpitch Bat

The 2021 FNX Rising Demarini Fastpitch bat was specifically designed for hitters looking to add power to their game. The new 2021 FNX is the replacement for the Demarini Insane which was an extremely end loaded fastpitch softball bat. If you are a contact hitter then the Demarini FNX 2021 should not be your weapon of choice. This bat is purely for the middle of the lineup, power hitting players.

Bat Details:

Every aspect of the 2021 Demarini FNX Rising was purposely designed for generating the most force upon impact. First, Demarini made sure to remove the 3 Fusion Connection that you find on the CF fastpitch bat. Instead, Demarini developed the 2021 FNX Rising using a more rigid two-piece construction. The goal was to eliminate as much flex in the bat’s connection point as possible. Demarini outfitted this bat with their Direct Connection technology, the same technology on their men’s slow-pitch power hitting bats. The Demarini FNX comes equipped with the Direct Connection 2-piece composite design for maximum energy transfer upon contact and a stiffer feel. Secondly, Demarini added a much more rigid end cap to ensure the barrel does not flex at the point of contact. When a barrel starts to flex there is an energy loss at impact. Demarini made sure that when you make contact using the 2021 FNX Rising all the hitter’s power is transferred to forcibly redirect the softball into the field. The FNX Rising 2021 is the stiffest end loaded bat on the market with one goal in mind. POWER!

Bat Features:

  • A no questions asked full 12 month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Free Fast Shipping
  • Also available in drop 9 length to weight ratio
  • Also available in drop 8 length to weight ratio
  • Approved for ISA, WBCS, NSA, USA, and USSSA play
  • 2 ¼’’ barrel
  • Equipped with the 1.20 stamp
  • Drop 10 weight to length ratio
  • End loaded swing weight and feel
  • Stiffer design and feel
  • Direct Connection Two Piece Design
  • Composite barrel and composite handle
  • Designed for a Power Hitter.

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