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Maximizing the space in your indoor training facility is the key to maximizing your revenue. Yes, there are quite a few other ways to maximize revenue via memberships, camps, clinics, showcases, opening your facility to other sports and activities outside of your niche, and many more. However, in order to implement these strategies, there is one question you always must ask yourself, “will I be able to do this with my current or designed layout?”. Our job at Better Baseball is make sure that answer is yes, and that is why we take the design stage of the process so seriously. So how do we do it?

The first step we take is to find out what type of facility you want to operate. Is this a facility with an emphasis on training in which shorter cages are acceptable, a facility open to the community for anyone to come in and hit on larger machine operated cages, or a combination of the two? Once we determine the type of facility you want, we dive deeper into the number of cages you would like to have, and what purpose they would serve i.e. How many batting cages? How many Pitching Lanes? Would you like an area for fielding or long toss? With this information, and basic dimensions of the area, we can begin designing multiple layouts with 3D software. Below is an example of a 3D designed layout (Yes, you get to keep the drawings, and yes, they are free)

Facility Design

Upon your review of the different layouts, our design experts will collaborate with you on the benefits and functionality of each design. The benefits and functionality of our designs are imperative to maximizing the space in the facility. Our in-house netting fabrication enables our design team to not be limited to standard size cage nets. In fact, we can custom cut netting into almost any shape or design down to the inch.

Our most popular design is the “Arena- Net System”. This system is one large net (four sides and ceiling) that encompasses the perimeter footprint of the space. Within the arena net, we install divider nets that can retract to open the entire space for live batting practice, fielding, speed & agility, multi-sport applications, etc. Below is an example of some of the possible layouts when utilizing the Arena-Net System

The main benefit with this system, or a similar design, is the ability to quickly adjust your layout based on current demand. The opportunities to capitalize on current and future demand play a pivotal role in maximizing your revenue.

Of course, these designs we provide are not set in stone, and we will work with you to tweak or combine multiple layouts to find the perfect fit for your facility. This process can take a few hours, days, or even weeks, but it is not finished until you are completely satisfied with the layout!

After the design is finalized, our in-house netting fabricators begin cutting and sewing the netting to the specified dimensions. With over 50 years combined experience, they are experts at providing the highest quality finished products at industry leading turn around time.

Once the netting is complete, our highly trained and experienced installation experts will arrive on site and get to work on turning the drawings into reality.

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