Top 5 Most Underrated BBCOR Bats

Top 5 Most Underrated BBCOR Bats
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Top 5 Most Underrated BBCOR Bats

At Better Baseball, we do extensive research on BBCOR bats for high school players in order to provide them with the knowledge to help them choose a BBCOR Bat that perfectly matches their swing and style of play. We listen closely to feedback from thousands of high school and college baseball players who come to our store to demo and try out the latest BBCOR Bats. This unique prospective gives us the opportunity to find out what performance attributes are most important to them. By combining this information along with years of experience selling BBCOR bats, we are able to recommend optimal options for a hitter’s individual needs and swing preferences. This information is invaluable to our customer base and we are here to share with you are findings, in hopes that it helps you make the perfect choice on a BBCOR bats when you step up to the plate this season.

These under the radar BBCOR bats have over the top power and performance. Some of these bats are from smaller manufacturers or have been a closely guarded secret at the college level. Never the less, these underrated BBCOR bats are just as hot or even better than some the more popular options we have seen on the high school and college level. Demo one in-store or Order online at to get FREE and FAST shipping. 


True Temper HZRDUS

One of the newest BBCOR bats on the 2021 scene is the True Temper HZRDUS. The product of decades of research and innovation, the True Temper HZRDUS is a one-piece hybrid bat that offers connoisseurs an uncompromising blend of power, barrel control, and speed. It has SmartPly technology which creates the perfect marriage between weight, balance, and durability. You'll never have to second guess your swing again because this bat will always take care of business!

Stinger Nuke Special Edition 

Taking its rightful place as the best BBCOR bat for optimal exit velocity, the Stinger NUKE BBCOR Special Edition Bat is here and ready to obliterate opposing pitching. Designed for power hitters, this Stinger NUKE BBCOR Special Edition Bat comes ready for action; with a power-loaded barrel, all-alloy construction, and a massive sweet spot. Launch the baseball further this season with the empowering Stinger NUKE BBCOR Special Edition bat

Victus NOX

Built with obnoxious speed, power, and performance in mind. The all-new NOX BBCOR Two-Piece Hybrid is an aluminum bat eight years in the making. Combining the latest bat tech with an aesthetic unlike anything else on the market – the NOX is built for ballplayers from the inside out.

Warstic Bonesaber

The Warstic Bonesaber has turned the BBCOR baseball bat market upside down. Never has a bat been able to provide power with such balance till now. No matter where you hit in the lineup the Warstic Bonesaber has you covered. The Bonesaber gives the batter more control and feel, while also providing swing speed and power.

Rawlings Quatro Pro

It is rare to see a college hitter swing a composite BBCOR, with the one exception being the Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR. Boasting a massive sweet spot with unmatched feel and performance, there is no doubt that the Quatro Pro BBCOR will still be at the top of the list for power guys in 2021 who prefer a 2 piece composite BBCOR. Pitchers will immediately be uncomfortable as soon as you step in the box with this BBCOR and its noticeably large barrel


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