Top 2022 USSSA Baseball Bats

Top 2022 USSSA Baseball Bats
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Top 2022 USSSA Baseball Bats


With so many USSSA Baseball Bat options  for 2022, it can be difficult to determine which USSSA Bat will be perfect for you and your style of play. We have taken an indepth look at the full 2022 USSSA Baseball Bat line up in Drop 10, Drop 8, and Drop 5 to help you on your journey of finding the perfect bat for your next game or practice. These top USSSA Baseball Bats have been tested and reviewed by our expert staff as well as the hundreds of customers who we have polled for their honest reviews. Travel baseball is complicated enough, and we want to make the bat buying process for you as easy as possible with the breakdowns of the Top USSSA Bats for 2022. 

2022 Demarini CF USSSA

Year after year the Demarini CF has been the bat of choice for youth baseball players. Known for its elite performance and unmatched pop the Demarini CF for 2022 is ready to continue the dominance from years past. The paraflex plus composite barrel has a massive sweet spot and allows the hitter to have more control of the barrel through the zone. Take the field with confidence when you take the field with the Demarini CF. The 2022 Demarini CF is a great option for both contact and power hitters as the massive sweetspot will help them square up all types of pitches during your 2022 campaign.

  1. DeMarini CF Zen Drop 10 USSSA Baseball Bat: WTDXCBZ22
    2022 Demarini CF -10 USSSA Youth Baseball Bat
    $199.86 $349.95 Save 43%

2022 Louisville Slugger Meta USSSA

Building on the success of the 2021 Louisville Slugger Meta USSSA, the new 2022 Meta is ready to continue the dominance from last year's bat. Built with ultimate balance and power, the 2022 Meta features the EKO composite engineered for a massive barrel and sweet spot; without sacrificing balance and barrel control. The vibration connection control system keeps unwanted vibrations from the player's hands, while also maximizing performance with each swing. Every player in the lineup can harness the power that the Louisville Slugger Meta USSSA brings to the field. The 2022 Meta USSSA Baseball bat is one of the most balanced 2 piece composites in the 2022 lineup and we believe this bat will be one of the most popular options for 12 and under travel baseball. 


Marucci Cat 9 Composite USSSA

In the senior league category, two-piece composites barrels reign supreme.  The newest bat to join those ranks is the Marucci Cat 9 Composite  for USSSA games and tournaments. Redesigned and improved for the 2021 season, The Cat 9 Composite  should definitely be on your list when looking for a performance-driven two-piece drop 10 bat. The Marucci Cat 9 Composite Baseball bat packs a heavy punch, and lands near the top of our list for most powerful composite barrels in 2022.

  1. Marucci Cat 9 Composite Drop 10 USSSA Bat
    Marucci CAT 9 Composite USSSA -10 Baseball Bat
    Out of stock
  2. Marucci Cat 9 Composite Drop 5 Bat
    Marucci CAT 9 Composite USSSA -5 Baseball Bat
    Out of stock

2022 Easton Alpha ALX USSSA

More explosive and powerful than ever before, the 2022 Easton Alpha ALX USSSA  Baseball Bat combines unmatched bat speed with great power. The Easton Alpha ALX USSSA features a FlyWall barrel design with variable thickness for the maximum sweet spot on contact. The Easton Alpha ALX USSSA Youth Bat is primed for greatness, especially if you are looking for a well balanced one piece alloy option. Contact hitters will love the feel and balance, and if you are looking to maximize swing velocity to catch up to faster pitching next seaosn, we highly recommend the 2022 Easton Alpha ALX

2022 Demarini ZOA USSSA

This is not just your ordinary composite bat. The 2022 Demarini ZOA USSSA Baseball Bat is made with the highest quality materials, forged into unparalleled design and performance to provide hitters with an edge in the game. Along with its Power Balanced barrel, it also comes equipped with a new Anomaly End Cap that provides unmatched durability and swing speed. Whether you are looking for premium pop or more contact, the Demarini ZOA USSSA baseball bat has everything you need! Brand new for 2022, Demarini is now giving power hitters a better option for those who prefer composite barrels. If you are a middle of the order hitter looking for extra power with a bigger sweet spot that the CF then we highly recommend the 2022 Demarini Zoa.

2022 Easton ADV Hype USSSA

The all-new 2022 Easton ADV Hype USSSA Baseball Bat is ready to show out on the field. The Easton ADV Hype has been redesigned to be one of the lightest swinging composite bats available without sacrificing performance and power. The 2022 Easton ADV Hype USSSA features a stiff connection piece and stiff handle to provide more power at contact and maximize the energy transfer from your swing at impact. The Hype is real and the 2022 Easton Hype ADV should be at the top of your list for high performing composite barrels in 2022. 

2022 Victus Vandal USSSA

Need better bat speed? The Victus Vandal 2 USSSA Baseball bat is crafted with a balanced swing weight and low M.O.I. for faster baseball exit speeds. This top performing USSSA bat is built to provide hitters with both un-matched swing weight and power. With a ringless barrel design and the Victus XVP Alloy materials, this bat is perfect for any player looking to speed their game up to an elite level. Contact oriented hitters will love the swing weight and pop of this barrel. You cannot go wrong with a fast swining and stiff alloy if you are looking to get on base more and more in 2022. The 2022 Victus Vandal is one of our favorite 1 piece alloys out of the whole 2022 USSSA Bat line up. 

2022 Warstic Bonesaber USSSA

The Bonesaber USSSA Metal Baseball Bat is the most Pro style bat model profile on the market. Modeled after the 271 wood bat cut, the Bonesaber is light swinging bat deisgned for contact oriented playersd hitters. For those who want better feel, better bat control, more swing speed, more awareness of the sound of the ball hitting the bat, MORE PRECISION. The Bonesaber is not a forgiving bat. Bonesaber performs up to the hitter's level, doing all the things their skill is asking it to do.

2022 Warstic Gunner USSSA

Speed and power combined into perfection. This is the perfect description of the Warstic Gunner  USSSA Youth Baseball Bat. Built as a two piece hybrid composite and aluminum bat that combines the speed of the Bonesaber and the power of the Hawk 2 the Warstic Gunner is built to provide raw power and bat speed like never before. The deep gunshot-like sound at contact is sure to turn heads. If you are looking for a balanced two piece hybrid, The 2022 Warstic Gunner should be a top choice for those looking to improve their game in 2022. 

2022 Warstic Hawk2

The 2022 Hawk2 USSSA Metal Baseball Bat is all about generating max whip and delivering power. It's a durable one-piece, full aluminum bat designed to last many battles. When it's time to deliver a big blow for your squad, your confidence at the plate will soar with Hawk2. The power is there for you to harness and deliver. A truly end-loaded bat with a loud, thunderous, wood bat like "crack" sound that is great for players soon to be transitioning from metal to wood. The 2022 Warstic Hawk 2 is a great endloaded option in a one piece alloy for power hitters who prefer a stiffer bat. 

2022 Easton Maxum Ultra USSSA

The 2022 Easton Maxum Ultra  USSSA Youth Baseball Bat is a 1 piece composite baseball bat that's a perfect combination of speed and power. The Easton Maxum Ultra  has an XXL barrel for a huge sweet spot with flow tack grip to enhance cushion and improve tackiness. The stiff feel featured on this 2022 Easton Maxum Ultra USSSA baseball bat is ready to do damage on the field. Boasting one of the biggest sweet spots of any 2022 Bat, the 2022 Easton Maxum Ultra will be a great option for those looking to square up each pitch in the zone for 2022. 

Marucci Cat 9 Connect USSSA

After two years of research and development, the Marucci CAT 9 Connect has launched and is ready for lift off.  Improving upon the triumphs of the CAT 8 Connect was no easy feat, but Marucci continues to make big improvements in their Cat Series, especially when it comes to the 2021 upgrades for the CAT 9 Connect. A slightly endloaded feel and stiff bat to handle construction, makes the Marucci Cat 9 Connect a powerful option for those middel of the order hitters looking to turn their warning track power into light tower power.

Marucci Cat 9 USSSA

The Marucci CAT 9 bat is once again dominating the USSSA baseball scene. With Marucci's upgraded bat technology, the Marucci CAT 9 USSSA bat will continue to break records for batters looking for a balanced bat that is easy-to-swing. The Marucci CAT 9 baseball bat was built to ensure faster bat speeds and top-performance for any level player. A super stiff and balanced one piece alloy, the Cat 9 is a great fit for players looking to turn singles into doubles, and doubles into home runs.

2022 Rawlings Quatro Pro USSSA

The 2022 Rawlings Quatro Pro USSSA Baseball Bat is a two-piece composite bat designed for the serious player. Its balanced swing feel and USSSA certification make it perfect for competitive players who need a dependable bat that will give them an edge over the competition. The barrel of this Rawlings Quatro 2022 USSSA bat is made from composite materials that create an enhanced trampoline effect, ensuring that you'll get maximum power behind your swings. With a huge sweet spot and lots of pop, you want go wrong with the 2022 Rawlings Quatro Pro when you step into the box in 2022. 


The Victus NOX USSSA was built with obnoxious speed, power, and performance in mind. The all-new Victus NOX USSSA Two-Piece Hybrid is an aluminum bat eight years in the making. The Victus NOX USSSA Combines the latest bat tech with an aesthetic unlike anything else on the market – the Victus NOX is built for ballplayers who want to do damage at the plate. One of the newer 2 piece hybrid bats, the 2022 Victus NOX will deliver maximum performace at the plate for your next game of tournament on the travel ball scene.

2022 Demarini The Goods USSSA

For the youth baseball player that is looking for a performance-driven hybrid bat, The Goods is your bat. Built for players that want increased power and a stiffer feel, The Goods has a slightly end loaded swing weight that allows the player to feel like there is more barrel behind the baseball at contact. Our top hybrid bat with an endloaed feel, The 2022 Demarini The Goods is a solid option for players who want to utilize their strength at the plate. 

2022 Demarini The Goods One USSSA

Swing with confidence this season with the 2022 Demarini The Goods One Piece USSSA Baseball Bat. Crafted to perfection, The Goods One Piece  bat is perfect for hitters who want quicker swing speeds and ultimate power. The new bat technologies featured with this bat will have opposing pitchers on edge when you step into the box this season. A great option for contact hitters who want to maximize bat control and swing speed. 

If you are still unsure about which bat would be best for your swing and style of play, we highly recommend coming into our store and take one of these USSSA bats for a test drive on one of our Three Hittrax Simulators to see how these baseball bats stack up. Our bat fitting experts will make sure you will get the best bat tailored to your needs and preferences. 

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