best wood baseball bats

best wood baseball bats
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best wood baseball bats

The Best Wood Baseball Bats

Looking for the ideal lumber for your summer season? Then this list is for you. Let's take an indepth look at all of the popular wood bat brands that are swung in the major leagues. There is no better sound in baseball than the crack of a wood bat. Since the very beginning, wood baseball bats have changed and evolved drastically over the last 100 years.  In today’s game, professional players have a plethora of options to choose from when picking their perfect wood bat. With so many different styles, wood types, and cuts, choosing the right bat for your swing and style of play can be overwhelming. Let’s take a deep dive into what the best of the best in the MLB are swinging to give you a better understanding of what wood baseball bat will better match up to your swing and style of play when you step up into the box this season.  These are the top wood baseball bats for 2022. 

Louisville Slugger Wood Bats 

Louisville Slugger RA13 Ronald Acuna Jr Pro Model 

Ronald Acuna Bat Louisville Slugger RA13

Ronald Acuna Bat RA13, the game model bat for the MLB Rookie of the Year, All-Star, and Silver Slugger. This MLB Prime Signature Series RA13, the Ronald Acuna Jr bat, is ready to add to that already impressive resume. Pairing an AJ10 handle and I13 barrel with a flared knob, this high-gloss black handle and natural barrel bat is nothing short of flawless. Swing this Ronald Acuna bat and take your game to the Atlanta Braves Star Slugger's level.

Louisville Slugger CY22 Christian Yellich Pro Model 

Christian Yelich Bat Louisville Slugger CY22

A sleek, understated look is ever-appropriate for Christian Yelich's MLB Prime Signature Series CY22, the perfect embodiment of one of baseball's biggest stars. This Louisville Slugger CY22 high-gloss black finish and gold Seamless Decals come together in a look built for the bright lights. The Christian Yelich CY22 medium-barrel design with a traditional, slight knob taper and a short barrel-to-handle taper gives you a perfectly weighted end-loaded feel.

Old Hickory Wood Bats

Old Hickory MT27 Steel Pressed Wood Bat


Swing like Mike Trout this season with the limited edition Old Hickory MT27 steel pressed maple wood bat. From the big leagues to baseball's amateur levels, the MT27 Old Hickory wood bat is dominating across all of baseball. Compacted and compressed grains with cold, hard steel this MT27 Old Hickory steel pressed will take your game to another level! This Old Hickory MT27 Steel Pressed bat is one of the more balanced wood bats in baseball; equipped with a medium/large barrel that leads to a thin handle and a standard knob. Step up to the plate with Mike Trout's steel pressed Old Hickory MT27.

Old Hickory MT27 Mike Trout Pro Model 

Taking its rightful place as the top Old Hickory bat in baseball, the Mike Trout Old Hickory MT27 is storming the wood bat scene. Built for players looking for a balanced swing feel, this Old Hickory Mike Trout wood bat features a large barrel and thin handle for top performance. Launch your game to MVP level this year and swing the Old Hickory Mike Trout MT27.

Victus Wood Bats

Victus Pro Reserve Tatis23 Fernando Tatis Pro Model El Nino 

Victus Pro Reserve Tatis23 Maple Wood Baseball Bat

San Diego Padre phenom Fernando Tatis Jr. knows when he steps to the plate he has the best wood bat with the TATIS23 in hand. The Victus Tatis23 is a hitters dream. The Victus FT23 features a long barrel with a massive sweet spot that quickly transitions down to a thin handle and a slightly flared knob. The combination of a thin handle and large barrel gives the Victus Tatis23 exceptional whip through the zone.

Victus Tatis23 Cherry Black Fernando Tatis Pro Model 

Victus Tatis 23 Wood Baseball Bat Cherry/Black

The TATIS23 Cherry Black  is end-loaded and built for power hitters in mind . The FT23 is similar to the  i13 or AP5 wood cuts, but with boosted bat whip through the zone. Featuring a flared knob, medium handle and large barrel with a gloss  back barrel and a cherry handle. 

Victus Pro Reserve Tatis 21 

Victus Pro Reserve Fernando Tatis 21

The TATIS21 has a balanced feel designed for contact hitters. The Tatis21 is equipped with both a medium barrel and handle, along with a traditional knob, the TATIS21 is the perfect model to take any well-rounded hitter’s game to the next level.

Victus Pro Reserve EB12

Victus Pro Reserve EB12 Maple Wood Baseball Bat

The EB12 is modeled after the 318. Featuring a traditional knob, medium handle and large, extended barrel.  The stock model comes with a flat black barrel, gloss cherry handle and is our most preferred color way amongst pros.

Victus TA7 Birch Tim Anderson Pro Model 

The Victus TA7 Pro Reserve wood bat is exploding across the wood bat scene. From wood bat tournaments to the pro leagues, players trust Victus because they feel the attention to detail and professional-grade quality in every swing. Victus is now one of baseball's premier wood bat manufacturers in the MLB and it all starts with the Pro Reserve Series. Every Victus Pro Reserve wood baseball bat is crafted to perfection out of pro-quality maple wood that delivers optimal pop with maximum performance on the field. All Victus Pro Reserve wood bats come with the ProPACT Finish that compresses the wood to make a superior hard-hitting surface with MLB durability. Speaking of the big leagues, this series comes with the pro ink dot certification to prove the slope of grain straightness for MLB approval. This Victus Pro Reserve TA7 Maple Wood Baseball Bat features an approximate drop 3 length to weight ratio, a large barrel, medium handle diameter, and a slightly end-loaded swing feel. With a flared knob and all the above features, this Victus TA7 is ideal for batters making the move from metal to wood. Swing this Victus TA7 and make pitchers pay

Victus Pro Reserve JC24

The Victus JC24 is one of the top-performing bats in the Victus Pro Reserve series. This bat is well balanced and perfect for any level player looking for elite production. The ProPACT finish on this JC24 Victus bat compresses the wood and creates a durable hitting surface, allowing you to elevate your exit velocity and improve your game.

  1. Victus TA7 Birch Pro Reserve Bat
    Victus TA7 Birch Pro Reserve Bat

Marucci Wood Bats

Marucci Bringer Of Rain Josh Donaldson Pro Model 

When MLB slugger Josh Donaldson steps to the plate the forecast always calls for rain. His tape measure and sky-high home runs are sure to bring thundershowers to ballparks across Major League Baseball. The Marucci Bringer of Rain maple wood bat now puts that power in your hands. The Marucci Bringer of Rain features a robust barrel sure to provide power with every swing. The Bringer of Rain features a thin handle that allows maximum whip through the hitting zone which all hitters will love. The Josh Donaldson Bringer of Rain also features a flared handle in the bottom hand that provides comfort and allows for the batter to control the bat through the hitting zone.

Marucci TVT Trea Turner Pro Model 

The Marucci Trea Turner TVT Maple Baseball Bat is like a home run waiting to happen. Manufactured with a 30-day warranty and MLB Ink Dot certified, this Trea Turner bat is the perfect mix of professional quality and affordable cost. The Marucci Trea Turner bat is designed with a tapered knob and thin handle for easy control, and an end loaded swing feel which allows more power and whip thru the hitting zone. This Marucci Trea Turner bat is all you need to crush home runs.

Marucci Lindy12 Francisco Lindor Pro Model

The Marucci Lindy12 is a must-have for any serious baseball player. Designed by Francisco Lindor to his exact specs this bat is a perfect combination of power and balance. Power hitters will love the elongated barrel design while contact hitters love the balanced feel and whip through the hitting zone. 

Chandler Wood Bats

Chander RA13 El Abusador Navy/White

The Ronald Acuna Jr Chandler bat is made to the exact specs of the Atlanta Braves Silver Slugger Ronald Acuna. The RA13 Chandler Bat features a navy handle and a white barrel. This Ronald Acuna Chandler bat has a medium handle with a quick transition at the logo to a long medium barrel, with an extended sweet spot. Chandler Bats are known for their increased ball exit velocity and the Ronald Acuna Bat is a leading force to be reckoned with. From wood bat tournaments to the big leagues, players trust Chandler Bats because they feel quality and attention to detail behind every swing. This Chandler Bat RA13 is crafted out of pro quality maple wood that delivers increased pop and maximum performance at the plate. All Chandler wood bats come with an exceptional finish and compressed wood to make a superior hitting surface to withstand MLB play. Speaking of the Major Leagues, this Ronald Ancuna Chandler wood bat comes with the pro ink dot certification to prove the slope of grain straightness for MLB approval. This RA13 Ronald Acuna maple wood bat features an approximate drop 3 length to weight ratio, a medium barrel and handle diameter, and a slightly end loaded swing feel. With a slightly flared knob combined with the above features, this Chandler Ronald Acuna Bat is perfect for batters transitioning from metal to wood. Swing this Ronald Acuna Jr Chandler Bat and take your game to Acuna's aka "EL Abusador's" level

Chandelr RA13 EL Abusador White/Navy

Chandler Bats is one of the premier bat manufacturers in the game of baseball today. Chandler Bats have now made their pro quality wood and profiles available to the amateur player. The Ronald Acuna Jr. Bat bat from Chandler Bats is a power hitter's dream. The long extended barrel combined with the compressed maple provides an explosion at the connection with increased exit speed. Swing the RA13 Ronald Acuna Chandler wood bat and take your game to the next level.

Tater Wood Bats 

Tater Bat X12 SVS Signature Series

Tater Bat X12 SVS Signature Series Wood Bat

The X12 experiences a lot of barrel whip through the zone and features one of the most popular handles our Pros use. The Tater-X12 model is the ultimate contact hitter's wood bat. Ideally made out of maple, this bat features a unique bell knob that's slightly flared and rounded on the end. This bat is designed to resemble the same characteristics as the Francisco Lindor custom game model. The thin handle and medium barrel provide the balance and consistency contact hitters need from their baseball bat.

Max Bat Wood Bats

Max Bat WM4 Will Myers Pro Model

Max Bat Wil Myers Wood Baseball Bat

Custom designed for slugger Wil Myers, the WM4 features a slightly larger barrel than its predecessor, the R10, giving it the end-loaded feel that power hitters look for. The WM4 will feature WIL MYERS engraved in the barrel with a patterned Max Bat logo. This is the game day bat for Wil, and you'll notice the new MaxBat logo he'll be sporting on his MaxBats this year. The logo is a mix of reflective silver and black, and was designed in part by Wil Myers himself.

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