The Best USSSA Bats of 2021

The Best USSSA Bats of 2021
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The Best USSSA Bats of 2021

At Better Baseball, we do extensive research on USSSA bats for youth players in order to provide them with the knowledge to help them choose a USSSA Bat that perfectly matches their swing and style of play. We listen closely to feedback from thousands of youth and senior league baseball players who come to our store to demo and try out the latest USSSA Bats. This unique prospective gives us the opportunity to find out what performance attributes are most important to them. By combining this information along with years of experience selling USSSA bats, we are able to recommend optimal options for a hitter’s individual needs and swing preferences. This information is invaluable to our customer base and we are here to share with you are findings, in hopes that it helps you make the perfect choice on a USSA Bat no matter the drop, when you step up to the plate this season.


The Drop 5 category saw a lot of growth in terms of selection for the 2021 season. We’ve pulled together the most popular choices as well as the top performing bats when it comes to pop and swing weight. We looked at all kinds of drop 5 bats, from balanced to end-loaded, to alloy barrel to composite. There were a few surprises, but we are very confident in our top three picks for this drop. The Demarini CF Zen, Slugger Meta, and the Marucci Cat 9  are the top picks for Drop 5 USSSA Bats for the 2021 Season. 


2021 Marucci Cat 9 Drop 5

The 2021 Marucci CAT 9 drop 5 is even better than the Cat 8. The Marucci two year product cycle allows them to make drastic improvements, like in this balanced alloy bat which has a huge barrel that's easy for hitters of all abilities to control with ease. With its balance swing weight and barrel performance, The Marucci Cat 9 will be perfect for hitters transitioning from 12U into middle school play where pitch velocities are faster than ever.


2021 Louisville Slugger Meta Drop 5

The  2021 Louisville Slugger Meta drop 5 represents the first time Louisville Slugger has offered their Meta composite barrel technology for USSSA sanctioned tournaments. Since its introduction in high school baseball three years ago, The Metta has dominated that scene and in 2021 we saw a trickle down effect on the youth ranks but on a larger scale with USSSA games. The 2021 Meta drop 5 was purposely designed to be one of the lightest swinging USSSA baseball bats on the market. The EKO technology used for this bat creates a barrel with incredibly forgiving sweet spots.


2021 Demarini CF Drop 5 

It comes at no surprise the 2021 Demarini CF Drop 5 made our list for Top Drop 5 USSSA Bats. The CF Zen drop 5 is preferred by elite players because of its patented manufacturing process and the industry-leading 3 Fusion Connection. The Paraflex Plus Composite handle allows for maximum force at impact without hand fatigue or bat sting. The 2021 Demarini CF boasts one of the most high performing composite barrels on the market. Both power and contac thitters love this bat due to the large sweet spot and the exit velocities they see when balls launch off this barrel. 



2021 Marucci Cat 9 Connect Drop 8

Middle of the order power hitters, have really shown a liking to this 2-piece hybrid. The Marucci Cat 9 Connect Drop 8 has a massive sweet spot and a swing weight designed specifcally for gap to gap hitters. Marucci also incorporated their Outer Locking System (OLS) which stiffens the handle and allows hitters to feel just right without sting or vibration. The OLS connects the composite handle into AZR alloy barrels using an outer sleeve, delivering one of the most end loaded drop 8 bats on the market. No other bat utilizes this connection between barrel and handle like Marucci's CAT 9 Connect Drop 8 does. 



2021 Louisville Slugger Meta Drop 8 

The 2021 Meta drop 8 is the first time Louisville Slugger has featured this advanced Meta technology in a drop 8 USSSA bat. This unique design gives players outstanding balance and power while maintaining an overall light swing weight so they can stay quick to react to all pitch types in the zone. The Meta drop 8 is made with Louisville Slugger's EKO Composite material. The EKO composite provides a lightweight feel, large barrel design and an oversized sweet spot for increased forgiveness after off-centered contact. This bat has one of the largest barrel profiles of any drop  8 model available  without sacrificing balance due to its weight distribution throughout the entire length of bat making it one of the most balanced feeling bats in the drop 8 category. 


2021 Demarini CF Drop 8

The legendary Demarini CF Zen drop 8 has once again dominated in 2021 season. This powerful two-piece composite bat will make pitchers tremble due to its unmatched power and barrel performance. Demarini's flagship composite bat will be the weapon of choice for those elite hitters looking for a little more barrel weight when compared to the drop 10. The extra two ounces of swing weight could turn your warning track power into light-tower power. Middle school level hitters who desire a composite feel with optimized swing weight will absolutely love the performance and pop from the 20221 Demarini CF Zen Drop 8




2021 Marucci Cat 9 Drop 10

The 2021 Marucci CAT 9 bat has helped batters in the USSSA scene break records in 2021. The Cat 9 drop 10 is  dominating with its upgraded bat technology from its previous Cat 8 model. The Marucci CAT 9 Drop 10 baseball bat will ensure faster swing speeds for any level player looking for a balanced bat. Marucci's Cat 9 drop 10 precision-balanced barrel helps increase bat speed and control through the zone. The one piece alloy construction provides a clean, consistent, balanced swing to meet the demands of any level hitter. 


2021 Victus NOX Drop 10

One of the biggest surprises in the drop 10 category this year was the launch of the Victus Nox Drop 10 two piece hybrid. Not as endloaded as other 2-piece hybrids, the Nox drop 10 was highly rated by all the players who had a chance to demo it on our hittrax simulators. This Victus NOX USSSA Drop 10 Two-Piece Hybrid  bat is made for players who like to do damage at the plate. The Victus Nox drop 10 was in development for eight years, and it shows with some state of the art advancements in the 2-piece hybird sub category. A highly recommeded bat for both contact and power hitters in the highly competitive youth travel ranks.



2021 Demarini CF Drop 10

No bat has had a greater impact on the competitive USSSA baseball scene over the last five years than the Demarini CF Zen drop 10. The 2021 Demarini CF Drop 10 iteration is no different. Demarini’s top tier composite bat continue to be the most popular bat in USSSA travel baseball.  Elite travel ball hitters who desire a massive barrel combined with an optimized swing weight will continue to make the CF Zen drop 10 the composite bat of choice for years to come. One of the most popular models swung by both power and contact oriented players, the 2021 Demarini CF drop 10 will be a force to be reckoned with. 

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