The Best BBCOR Bats for Power Hitters

The Best BBCOR Bats for Power Hitters
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The Best BBCOR Bats for Power Hitters

The ability to change the game with one swing is the corner stone for every elite power hitter. If you are looking to add a little more pop and performance to your power game, then you have to make sure you are using the right BBCOR for your style of play. In this article, we will break down the best BBCOR Baseball Bats for power hitters looking for that extra edge in their next game or tournament. With so many 2022 BBCOR bat options out there it can be hard for a power hitter to find the right weapon to compliment their swing and play style. These power oriented BBCOR bat options should turn your warning track power into light tower power. Let’s take an in-depth look into the best BBCOR bat options for power hitters this season.

When choosing the perfect BBCOR bat built for power, keep in mind preference is going to reign supreme over all else. It is important to remember that the ideal BBCOR for you is one that feels comfortable when you swing, and secondly, a bat that is designed to highlight your strengths when you step into the box. Most of these power oriented BBCOR options are end loaded, which means the balance point of the bat is closer to the middle of the sweet spot and end cap. Power hitters who are strong enough to maintain a high swing velocity with an end loaded bat can generate more force and power on a baseball through swing torque. This article should point you in the right direction for choosing the ideal power BBCOR bat, but we still highly recommend you take each one for a test drive in one of our Hittrax Hitting stations in our store if you are still unsure of which bat will be bast for your swing.


2022 Louisville Slugger Select PWR

With PWR in its name, you know this bat is going to be on our list. Power and performance are exactly what the 2022 Slugger Select delivers. Not as end-loaded as some of the other power BBCORs on this list, but what you lose in swing torque you make up for in bat control. The 2022 Select PWR is currently our top hybrid BBCOR for this season in terms of both popularity and reviews.


The Select PWR BBCOR features a hybrid 2 piece BBCOR bat design that combines Louisville Slugger's EXD premium alloy barrel, which has an increased barrel length and a sweet spot; with a composite handle. The two are joined by Louisville Slugger's 3-piece design 3FX-PWR connection system that provides additional stiffness at the point of contact, that power hitters love; which translates into more energy transfer and fewer vibrations. The Louisville Slugger Select PWR BBCOR endcap alloys for maximum bat speed and barrel control, while the power swing weight allows the hitter to hit for maximum distance. The 2022 Louisville Slugger Select PWR BBCOR also features a pro comfort grip for a perfect mix of tack on hot days and a cushion feel to reduce unwanted vibrations.

2022 Warstic Gunner 

One of the lightest swing weights on our list, The 2022 Gunner BBCOR was crafted for power hitters who want to maximize swing velocity and control.  The slightly endloaded feel allows players to explode through the zone, and to adjust to off speed pitches with supreme bat control. This two piece hybrid showcases a massive sweet spot that even performs well on balls that aren’t barreled up perfectly.  A great pick for middle of the order  hitters who want the best of both worlds; control and power.



The Warstic Gunner BBCOR features an enhanced alloy material for the barrel and enhanced composite material for the handle, which are connected by a connector piece to limit vibration and provide the perfect amount of stiffness upon contact with a baseball. The new end cap provides increased strength and durability and also creates an awesome "gunshot" sound at contact.

2022 True Sports HZRDUS

One of the newest bats to make its way onto the diamond for 2022 is the True Sports HZRDUS BBCOR. With a design that truly uses innovative technologies to make it the first true one-piece hybrid, this BBCOR baseball bat is perfect for players who want power without sacrificing swing speed or barrel control. With balance and swing weight optimized for elite power hitter.


The 2022 True Sports HZRDUS BBCOR Bat features SmartPly technology to tune sound, and an Endcap made specifically for optimizing the transfer of power at impact. Built with Axenic Technology to provide a 1 piece hybrid for all types of hitters not just power.


2022 Stinger Nuke 2

One of the most under the radar bats for 2022  is the Stinger Nuke 2 BBCOR.  A  high-caliber baseball bat that has been crafted specifically for power hitters. With the Stinger Sports' Power Loaded Barrel design, and a stiff one piece alloy construction, power hitters who prefer a one piece alloy will love the feel and pop of the Stinger Nuke 2.


This bat features a One Piece Alloy body with a black and gold color way that will be sure to intimidate any opposing pitcher. Alongside extreme exit velocity and pop right out of the wrapper, the Pro Inspired Handle featured on this bat ensures hitters receive optimum comfort and control over their swing


2022 Demarini The Goods

The 2022 Demarini The Goods BBCOR bat has established itself as the premier bat for power hitters. One of the most popular if not the most popular end loaded hybrid bats in the last two seasons. Middle of the order and power hitters love the feel and responsiveness of the barrel. The construction of the two piece design and stiffness of the handle make the 2022 Demarini Goods a favorite of D1 college players and talented high school prospects. 


The 2022 Demarini The Goods hybrid design also features Demarini's Paraflex Plus composite handle that works directly with their new Direct Connection that is tuned specifically for power hitters and providing a stiff feel to the bat. The end loaded feel allows the player to generate additional force through the hitting zone for maximum performance and pop. Swing with confidence when you swing the 2022 Demarini The Goods BBCOR bat.


2021-2022 Marucci Cat 9 Connect

The Marucci Cat 9 Connect BBCOR is definitely a force to be reckoned with. A solid and stiff two piece design with a sweet spot the really compliments the overall feel of this BBCOR. Players who have enjoyed the design and feel of the Cat 8 and even Cat 7 will love the improvements Marucci has added to the Cat 9 Conect BBCOR. Power oriented players love the feedback from the two piece hybrid after contact. One of our top hyrid bats for 2021 and 2022. 


The two-piece Marucci Cat 9 Connect BBCOR combines a carbon composite handle with the strengthened, thermally treated AZR alloy material; a brand new feature for 2021. Marucci’s new Outer Locking Systemupgrade stiffens the handle and allows the hitter to have just the right amount of feel without the downsides of hand vibration and bat sting.


2022 Warstic Hawk 2

Another underrated power hitting BBCOR for this season is the The 2022 Warstic Hawk 2 BBCOR. A baseball bat that is designed to give the hitter the max amount of power at the plate. The solid one piece alloy design is profiled and built to feel just like a 243 wood bat. The end loaded feel allows the batter to feel the barrel as it goes through the zone and create maximum barrel whip at the point of contact.


The Hawk 2 also features a thin handle and slightly flared knob and a power-loaded end cap that has a booming and low-pitched crack that sounds just like a wood bat. For players looking to transition from metal BBCOR bats to wood search no further the Hawk 2 BBCOR bat is exactly what you are looking for.



2022 Victus NOX

One BBCOR that continues to be on the top of a lot of our lists is the The Victus NOX BBCOR.  A great swing weight and a solid feel are exactly what power hitters are looking for when choosing a weapon this season.   This BBCOR bat promises a slight end loaded and powerful swing feel for maximum power and exit velocity. This Victus NOX is built for competition.


The 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter and military grade aluminum makes this bat both durable and has the perfect swing weight to compete with other brands on the market. This bat also comes equipped with a soft touch grip that will provide an extra layer of comfort as you hit! A sleek black and silver color scheme finishes off this already dominating design.

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