The Best Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bats

The Best Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bats
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The Best Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bats

Today we will be taking a look at the best drop 8 USSSA baseball bats in the extremely fast growing drop 8 bat category. We crowned the best drop 8 baseball bat for one piece alloy, two piece hybrid, and two piece composite. The best drop 8 bats are the Marucci Cat 9, Marucci Cat 9 Connect, Demarini CF Zen, and the Louisville Slugger Meta. These bats were chosen based on performance, popularity and independent testing. We will take a closer look at each bat and explain why it made the list for best drop 8 USSSA baseball bats.


Marucci Cat 9 wins best drop 8 baseball bat for one piece alloys. 

The Cat series year after year has remained one of the best performing bats and the Marucci Cat 9 drop 8 is no exception. This drop 8 bat is made from a higher grade alloy than the previous model. During manufacturing, they do a 3-step process they call a 3-stage thermal treatment process which creates a different thickness in the barrel as you move across the sweet spot. This allows for more flex in the thinner areas. Another feature we liked about the new Cat 9 is the 2nd gen AV2 anti-vibration knob. After many swings with this bat we never felt the common hand fatigue from vibration which is nice considering not every time you swing you will make perfect contact.


Marucci Cat 9 Connect wins best drop 8 bat for two piece hybrids.


            The Cat 9 Connect drop 8 is our top 2 piece hybrid for 2021. This drop 8 USSSA bat gives you a more end loaded feel and is actually the most end loaded drop 8 bat in the USSSA circuit. It has the same thermal treated AZR alloy barrel as the Cat 9, but with a carbon composite handle. Each connected to each other by an outer sleeve apart of Mariucci’s Outer locking system, which happens to be the only USSSA drop 8 bat on the market with this innovation which provides a stiffer connection. If you’re looking to add some power to your swing this is probably the bat for you. Overall this drop 8 baseball bat hits great for power hitters and we liked that it also keeps the sting out of the hands. 


Demarini CF Zen wins best drop 8 bat for two piece composites.

            The next drop 8 USSSA bat on our list is the Demarni CF Zen. This drop 8 bat has continued to hit the top of our lists year after year and kids of different age groups have continued to love it. This drop 8 USSSA bat has a massive sweet spot with a more balanced feel which is unlike many of the other 2-piece bats on the market. Demarini has optimized the swing weight and allowed for more force coming off the barrel to give the bat a trampoline like effect. The 3-fusion connection and Para flex plus composite handle keep the vibration off the hands which as we have stated before is something we look for. This CF Zen drop 8 USSSA has a great feel that you will notice the first time you pick one up. If you are looking for a top notch composite USSSA drop 8, then we highly recommend you try this bat for yourself.


Louisville Slugger Meta wins runner up for best drop 8 USSSA baseball bat for two piece composites. 

            Last but certainly not least, we have the Louisville Slugger Meta drop 8 USSSA. This bat has dominated the high school circuit and is now available for USSSA play. Like the CF Zen this bat has a massive sweet spot with an even lighter composite handle. It is arguably the lightest swinging bat in the drop 8 bat category and has a giant barrel profile. Usually with bats like this you’re looking at an end loaded bat, but not with the Meta. I must add that with their 3-piece design this bat delivers unmatched post swing feel. There is little to no vibration felt in the hands even when hitting balls off center of the sweet spot. We were excited when we heard the Meta was being made in a drop 8, and after hearing how satisfied kids were with the feel and performance you should be too.



            All four of these models are great for players swinging a drop 8 baseball bat. Like I said before, we encourage you to come in and try each one out for yourself and see which one fits you the best. There is no one bat that is perfect for everybody since each player is different in many ways. I can promise you that one of these four models will be the drop 8 bat you want to swing this season.



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